Create Your Life !

Achieve your objectives :

—reorganize your team, collaborating with colleagues and patients; reduce stress; improve work/life balance, and develop your talents!

The life and work of medical professionals
is very demanding :

—characterized by vital decision-making responsibilities, often involving life-and-death circumstances, requiring long hours. This already weighty context is further challenged by an ever-increasing administrative load. The burnout of dedicated and talented practitioners needs to be addressed and prevented.

My extensive experience collaborating with a broad range of medical professionals and groups of practitioners informs my pragmatic approach to customized coaching.

I work in a network and, when appropriate, collaborate with colleagues.

I offer you the following approaches to help reach your objectives:

News :

  • Marie-Lise BRUNEL, Jacques COSNIER (2012): L’empathie, un sixième sens. Lyon, Presses universitaires de Lyon, 295 pages. ISBN
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  • Burnout in intensive care units
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Workshops & Lectures :

My approach to coaching enables you to find your own path to achieving your goals. You lead and I take responsibility for the process. As we work together, I will propose an inventive combination of tools and techniques to discover new and creative solutions to your unique objectives. Our coaching practice is confidential and non-judgmental.

Between life and death, how to cope with stress?

What about developing your talents also?

How could you really enjoy your family?

Staying serene with strong convictions?