My fascination with nonverbal communication, with patient-therapist relationships, with empathy, emotional expression and management, is an essential part of my expertise and experience. Based in Geneva, I have worked for more than 30 years, collaborating with a broad range of medical and psychological teams, in both clinical settings and training events. My years in a Geneva University Hospital research lab, studying emotional expression and patient-therapist interactions, gave me profound insights into improving treatment outcomes and team dynamics. Also, supervising psychiatric emergency caregivers in their relationships with patients has shown me the critical importance of preventing burnout. Shifting the dynamic of the work environment from depleting to revitalizing has given a compelling focus to my work with medical practitioners.

As well as an M.A. in psychology and a diploma in body oriented psychotherapy, I carry a certification as a life/work coach from IDC (Institut de Coaching, Geneva).

I work primarily in English and French, and in German as needed.